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The best tools

Machine, needle, ink used good thing of the world. Kyoto "SUMI"ink is a Japanese tradition.

hygiene management

Discard all needles, tubes and pens used for work. The needle changes in 30 minutes.

Complete privacy

By appointment only. While tattooing you enjoy Netflix on the big screen.

My skillsCreation

Started at a tattoo store in Canada in 2002. Engaged in street graphic and skateboard park art design. Started at Asakusa Kaminarimon from 2009. You can make traditional Japanese tattoos and international tattoos. Established a web design, coding and internet advertising company from 2012. Office moved to Akihabara in 2017.

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Get in touch

Please feel free to contact us at first.Reservation is possible on the day.


We produce original drawings according to your request.

Decide the picture

We will deliver design data. Your own tattoo smartphone wallpaper will be presented for free.

Age certification

Tattooing under the age of 18 is illegal.

Cost estimate

It is 20,000 yen in 150 minutes. Work speed is fast. Available to multiple people. One needle fee of 2000 yen.

Painless tattoo

Minimize damage to the skin. I promise you a tattoo that won't hurt.

Equipment to usetool

There are five colors in black ink. It is a Japanese proverb. Please order the color tone, light and dark. The first class products I trade satisfy you. Canadian EIKON power supplies are the latest. It shows numerical values up to the swing and speed of the needle. Wizards in Japan can select high quality parts from materials.

Kobayen Co. Ltd. is a long-established Kyoto company that offers traditional Japanese high-grade ink. Japanese ink can express light and shade that can not be expressed in the ink of the world. The vividness and variety of inks from Dynamic and INTENZE make your skin vivid and beautiful.
I would recommend them if you are a tattooist.

Let's start tattooingtattoo

Surprise you. We promise to produce the best works. Now let's create only one tattoo for you in the world.