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Kaminarimon horicho tattoo studio is located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan.
If you came to Japan, then in the hands of the Japanese tattoo in Japan.
It is cheap fast and cool.Japan's tattoo is the best in the world.


Full reservation system.I need your help by a telephone or mail.
Reservation is possible on the day.
Tourist welcome. It is Japan's tattoo to the recollections of a trip.


Aged 18 and over. However, a high school student is improper.
Presentation of an identification card is required.
The notes of reservation that day

Don't drink a lot of alcohol on the previous day.
Protect reservation time. In lateness, it contacts by phone.

Hygiene supervision

The used tool is cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner and a high temperature high-pressure-steam-sterilization machine.
All other tools are throwing away.Ink, a needle, etc.


Ointment is applied in several steps per day.
After a tattoo is not rubbed strongly.


From one spot of 15,000 yen .20,000 yen per hour. It is a standard.
But if it is now,Per homepage establishment commemoration 15,000 yen per hour. One spot of 10,000 yen
ask to

Reservation and an inquiry

Please give me the inquiry to HORICHO TATTOO STUDIO from here.
The inquiry about a job offer and a pupil and other contacts are also from here.
ask to


The access method to HORICHO TATTOO STUDIO
In the case of a train .
The Toei Subways Ginza Line Asakusa Station About 3 minutes.
The Toei Subways Asakusa Line Asakusa Station about 3 minutes.
The Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station about 7 minutes.
The Tobu SKYTREE line Asakusa Station about 5 minutes.
with the kaminari-mon to your back ,goes to the right.Take left at the first traffic lights.(Starbucks Coffee is located at a corner.)
It's on the left after the first traffic lights.The seventh floor of the gray building of 8 stories .The next door of a florist.
The first floor is a laundry.
In the case of a car, coin parking is close.


Address1:Hata Building 7th floor 2-8-4Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo,Japan 111-0034


Please give me a reservation contact. Reservation is possible from half a year ago. If you can email me in advance, I will prepare a sketch and attach it and reply.